Collaboration with and support to regional and global networks

1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005

In 2003-2006, Sangat collaborated with the global project 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005. Kamla Bhasin was invited to be the South Asia Coordinator of this fascinating project. Sangat helped in identifying 157 South Asian women. This was by far the largest number for any region. Sangat got detailed profiles of 157 women written and their photographs taken for a 2,200 page book titled 1000 Peacewomen Across the Globe. The book contains profiles of all 1000 women nominated the world over.

Sangat also produced a powerful 60-minute long film entitled Redefining Peace: Women Lead the Way and two other films. Although these 1000 women were not given the Nobel Prize, the Project achieved its objective of making women’s peacework visible and recognised. It popularised a comprehensive definition of peace, initiating research on peacewomen and generally strengthening the global peace movement. Kamla Bhasin is presently the global Co-Chair of Peace Women Across the Globe and Sangat continues to be an active part of this global initiative.

South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR)

Sangat works closely with SAHR in order to hold public meetings and conventions with human rights and peace activists from South Asia.

People’s SAARC is a large South Asian network of CSOs promoting South Asian solidarity for a pro-people agenda. Sangat collaborates closely with this network and Kamla Bhasin is on the Steering Committee.

Cultural solidarity across borders

To reach out to youth, students and larger sections of society with our messages, many cultural events comprising feminist plays, music gatherings, films, demonstrations have been organized during the last decade. Through these cultural events, we were able to reach the general public with our messages of peace, solidarity and cooperation across borders.

Creation of National and South Asian network of young feminists

Sangat plans to initiate a young feminists’ network. This network will comprise women who have participated and will participate in all Sangat courses/workshops besides other like-minded women and men. These networks will be encouraged to organise meaningful activities and campaigns in their respective countries and the region.