One Billion Rising South Asia




“Women Have Their Day in Court”

Mass Global Action: February 14, 2014

Global Trial on Violence Against Women



Will be a global action for women to press charges for the violence that has been perpetrated upon them. For some women this will allow them to legally file their case for the first time, or re-­open their cases to get justice, and for those whose cases are beyond the statute of limitations, a symbolic action to give their abuse the legitimacy it deserves.


On February 14, 2014 masses will gather inside and outside courthouses

And police stations to file their cases, press charges, hold flash courts

And flash testimonies, support survivors, and show the world the power

of global solidarity


One Billion Rising 2013 was the biggest mass global action to end violence against women and girls in the history of humankind.  The further intersectional and coalitional commitments for justice of this new mobilization in 2014 are limitless in their radical effect.  Ending violence against women just might be the truly revolutionary demand, for us all.


Just as  the world rose in 2013 to demand an end to violence against

women, the world will   now Rise to demand justice for them.

It is a call to bring on revolutionary justice.




·         To build the biggest global court case and biggest GLOBAL JUSTICE CAMPAIGN for  women

·         And to get justice for women survivors of violence.

          To highlight:

·         That women need to get their day in court

·         That judicial systems need to work within a feminist framework (ie: rooted understanding of VAW)

·         Integration of Education with Justice

·         What “FEMINIST JUSTICE” means


Why Justice?

Many of the OBR supporters wanted to take the campaign further, to go deeper, to address impunity and the lack of accountability as significant factors in the perpetuation of violence against women. The path to justice begins with acknowledging how violence is enabled and perpetuated – calling out where endemic patriarchy and institutionalized misogyny creates a barrier to real justice for survivors. One Billion Rising For Justice will focus the worlds’ attention on the issue of justice for all survivors of gender violence, and on ending the rampant impunity that prevails globally.

This is what justice looks like.

One Billion Rising for justice is about envisioning justice for all survivors of gender violence.

Justice can take many forms.

It can be an apology or reparations.  Taking legal action.  It can be about making the truth visible. It can be prosecuting, or pushing to create change, or implementing policies and laws that ensure the protection of women’s rights. It can be calling for an end to all forms of inequality, discrimination, misogyny and patriarchy. It can be naming or shaming perpetrators – whether they be individuals, groups, corporations or the state. Demanding accountability.  It can be rising for justice be it personal, social, economic, cultural, environmental or political.  It can be a revolutionary call to restore dignity and respect for all women.

It can be about transformation.

As we bring this global discussion to the forefront, we want to hear from you what justice looks like. Join thousands of activists from around the world.


Ways To Rise

ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is a global call to women survivors of violence and those who love them to gather safely in community outside places where they are entitled to justice -­‐ courts, police stations, government offices, colleges, work places, military courts, places of worship, homes. It is a call to survivors to break the silence and release their stories – politically, spiritually, outrageously -­‐ through art, dance, marches, ritual, song, spoken word, testimonies and whatever way feels right.

Here are some examples of what some countries and communities are doing:

·         Peru is Rising against sexual harassment, inviting the Construction Workers Union to head the campaign

·         Nigeria is Rising to continue their fight to end child marriages and holding media campaigns to highlight the legalization of violence in communities

·         Guatemala is Rising in support of laws to protect women and to highlight indigenous women and their vision of justice

·         Bangladesh is Rising to lobby political parties to bring legislation to protect women

·         Los Angeles is Rising to promote rape awareness and sexual assault in the military, engaging courts, local police and sheriff departments

·         Haiti is Rising to highlight the impact of the earthquake on women and girls

·         Groups across the United Kingdom are planning diverse Risings, with workshops on what justice is in the UK context, planned across the country starting this month

·         The Philippines is Rising against militarization, corporate greed, mining, economic injustice and labor exploitation, and the plundering done by a corrupt government that severely impacts women and girls

·         India is Rising with a focus on environmental and economic injustice, and will hold women’s tribunals leading up to 14 February

·         Migrant groups around the world – led by Justice for Domestic Workers in the UK, and the Migrant Filipino workers network in 22 countries – are Rising to uphold better rights for domestic and migrant workers everywhere, and to end modern day slavery

·         Mongolia is Rising with the Beautiful Hearts organization leading a campaign highlighting the effects of sexual abuse

·         Italy is Risings with huge flashmobs on beaches all across the country

·         Myanmar is Rising with workshops that are being held at the end of October in preparation for their campaign

·         Pakistan is Rising with a V-Men campaign to engage men and boys to end violence against women and girls

·         Sudan is Rising with young women leading a campaign looking at problems with the court and judiciary systems as obstacles towards gaining justice for women

·         Syrian women from “Syrian Women for Peace” are Rising for Justice with a preliminary event – a photo documentary on Syrian women featuring real stories about their lives and their justice issues. They have already created a One Billion Rising song about “a sad city: a city that has been destroyed” – and are Rising to show how women have a desire to live, and to sing – despite being in the midst of war.






1. Ask activists to gather stories shared globally

2. Begin to reach out to the groups in your own countries that already participated in OBR

3. Begin outreach to lawyers to share the plans and engage them in the campaign

4. Start building the framework for the campaign in the country


FEBRUARY 14, 2014


To go to the courts as a MASS ACTION (escalating efforts from last year/ making more specific demands)


·         For Women to have their day in court

·         For Women to press charges against their perpetrator/ rapist/ batterer/ (it  doesn’t matter when it happened in their life/ to file for any point in their life where they experienced violence)

·         To bring FILE CHARGE SHEET to courts/ police stations/ magistrate courts