South Asia Thematic

South Asian thematic workshops/conferences


Sangat has organised, supported and participated in a large number of South Asian workshops and conferences aimed at developing a shared perspective on major issues related to sustainable livelihoods, gender equality, democracy, human rights etc. All of them were done in collaboration with one or two partners. Some of the recent ones are mentioned below.

  • National workshop on women’s land rights with special focus on single women.
  • ‘Looking afresh at VAW through an exploration of the political economy of VAW and masculinity’ (a South Asian workshop organised by Sangat in collaboration with the Indian Association of Women’s Studies).
  • An international course on gender identity, peace and conflict.
  • South Asian Feminist Meet; organised by Sangat with the support of Women and Media Collective, Sri Lanka, the meet also formulated a South Asian Feminist Declaration.
  • International workshop on normative and non-normative sexualities, sexual rights and women’s empowerment was organised jointly by Kartini, Jagori Grameen and Sangat.
  • South Asian workshop on women’s rights to land and other land-based resources was organised by Sangat with the support of Women and Media Collective and Action Aid International Asia.
  • ‘Future of Asian Feminisms: confronting fundamentalisms, conflict and neo-liberalisms’ was organised by Kartini and supported by Sangat.  
  • First Asian Rural Women’s Conference for Rights Empowerment and Liberation.
  • South Asian Conference on Women and Biodiversity.