Two-week, Regional local language training courses on gender, livelihoods, human rights and peace


Sangat has organised courses in Bangla language for activists from West Bengal and Bangladesh. These were jointly organized by Sangat Regional, Sangat Bangladesh and Swayam. Held in India and in Bangladesh, each of these courses are attended by development workers/activists, including men.

The course covers topics such as gender, femininity and masculinity, feminism, patriarchy, violence and law, reproductive rights, communalism, fundamentalism, globalisation and so on. Last year, the course was held in Kolkata, from 9th August to 23rd August 2014. 


This course brings together women activists from Tamil speaking regions in Sri Lanka and India. In the past few years these have been organised in Madurai by Ekta. Last year it was organised in Sri Lanka with the help of the Affected Women’s Forum and other partners in Sri Lanka. For more information, please write to and/or

INDIA AND NEPAL           

This course on, “Gender, Human Rights, Just Governance, Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment”, is organised in Hindi/Urdu/ Nepali for grassroots activists in the region. This course includes both men and women as we recognise that we need more and more men to join the movement to end violence against women and support women in their fight for justice. In the past few year it has been organised in Siddhbari, near Dhramsala in Himachal Pradesh by Jagori Grameen. For more information please write to and/or