Who we are

The word 'Sangat', in some South Asian languages, means a gathering/community of like-minded people for a good and just cause.

Sangat was created in April 1998 at a South Asian workshop of gender trainers, held in Bangladesh and organized by the FAO-NGO South Asia Programme. In a way, it is the continuation of the FAO-NGO South Asia Programme which worked for 25 years and was coordinated by Kamla Bhasin. Presently Sangat is a project of Jagori, New Delhi.

Sangat was created in realization of the fact that the space for transformatory gender work in South Asia was steadily declining. The need to create a network of South Asian gender activists and trainers was urgent, critical, and strongly felt and articulated. The belief that understanding, peace and co-operation are essential for meaningful South Asian progress also prompted the formation of this regional alliance.

Genuine development, democracy and peace are only possible in the region if we develop a South Asian identity and perspectives. Sangat’s mandate has therefore been focused on developing and strengthening regional/cross border perspectives, programmes and cooperation through its activities and programmes.