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Rise for Justice!

last year, one billion people from around India and the world rose to demand justice for women and an end to gender based violence as part of the first ever One Billion Rising Campaign for Justice on February 14. This year, in 2014, we challenge 2 billion people from around the world to rise again.
The massive success of One Billion Rising 2013 wouldn’t have been possible without organizers like you; organizers who brought hundreds of men, women, and children to Parliament Street in Delhi to dance against violence; organizers like you that formed drum circles on the Mumbai seaside to give a voice to women who otherwise felt voiceless; organizers like you that held meetings, workshops, and festivals to demand that we can do better for our mothers, sisters, cousins, friends, co-workers, and future daughters.
Now, we need your help again to make One Billion Rising India even more powerful, and inclusive for all. We challenge community activists ( both self-proclaimed and employed), journalists, and feminists (that includes you too gentlemen!) to organize events around India that honor women and their right to a safe space and a justice system that works for justice. In addition, we need your help collecting stories of both injustices against women throughout India, and stories of organizations and people doing amazing work for justice. These stories can come in the form of poems, videos, photographs, interviews, or editorials.



We hope the One Billion Rising India blog will stand as your go to source for OBR updates form across India, as well as a portal for inspiration and information focusing on justice and injustices from across India.

We can make our communities, schools, public transportation, justice systems, and homes safer for women, but only if we do it together. “Rise, Release, and Dance” with us.

Click here to learn more about the One Billion Rising campaign.