Apply Now for Two Week Hindi Feminist Capacity Building Course!

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Apply Now for Two Week Hindi Feminist Capacity Building Course!

Jagori Rural & Sangat – A Feminist Network

Two Week Course in Hindi/Urdu on Gender, Human Rights, Just Governance, Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment

25 June – 9 July 2019 

 Last date to apply: 15 April 2019

Dear Friends,  

On behalf of Jagori Rural and Sangat – A Feminist Network, we take great pleasure in announcing the next South Asian, Two Week Course in Hindi/Urdu on Gender, Human Rights, Just Governance, Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment. The course will be held from 25 June – 9 July 2019 at the Training and Research Academy (TARA), Sidhbari, Tehsil Dharamshala, Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Many of our organizations have a number of young people. These young people often bring the necessary educational qualification, but very little understanding and experience in terms of a gender, class, caste aware perspective or experience with grassroots-level work, especially in relation to the community mobilization strategies.

The aim of this Two Week Course is to respond to the felt needs of organizations, networks and movements primarily working on the issues of women’s rights and entitlements, gender equality and gender justice, sustainable development, constitutional and fundamental rights, among based in the north Indian states as well as from the Hindi/ Hindustani speaking countries of the South Asian region, especially Nepal and Bhutan.

 Main objectives

·           To develop a feminist perspective on a range of issues related to rural development and reconstruction, with a special focus on women’s rights and entitlements.

·           Strengthen the capacity of the staff of various NGOs, human rights and women’s rights groups and other civil society organizations and individuals.

·           Build solidarity and networks among participants from different states, and develop common agendas and campaigns for social justice.

Main topics and themes

Conceptual understanding of  the construction of gender, patriarchy and other systems of domination, violence against women, legal framework for protecting women’s human rights, right to health, bodily safety and sexuality, globalization, fundamentalism, just governance, grassroots mobilization , feminism and women’s movement .

The training will also include visit to the community, to women’s courts, as well as to a multimedia youth learning centers being run by Jagori Grameen.

Songs, films and yoga are also included in the course. 

Nature of Participants

Women, men, transgender, and persons with disabilities who are activists, trainers, women’s programme coordinators, NGO workers, researchers, media persons, legal practitioners, teachers and representatives from various platforms working on gender equality and related issues. 


Years of experience

Participants should have at least 2 to 3 years of experience of working on issues related to gender, violence against women, health rights, human rights, right to entitlement, globalization and its impact on women, communal harmony, mobilization at the grassroots, and other related topics.

Resource persons

Kamla Bhasin and Abha Bhaiya are the joint coordinators of the training course.  In addition other experienced and well known resource persons will be invited for specific themes and topics.

Language of the course

The language of the course will be primarily Hindi/Urdu, as a majority of participants will be from the Hindi speaking belt. This will provide a great opportunity for learning and building long term friendships.


The training is conducted in a participatory manner and is process oriented participants’ experiences are the main resource to build on our common perspectives and action.  This training course is an intensive experience. Yoga, music, dance, laughter, crying and sharing are all part of the principle of joyous collective learning.

Course costs

There is NO FEE for the course itself.

All participants are expected to pay for their own travel and highly subsidized costs for boarding and lodging at Indian Rs. 12,500 for two weeks.

However, for those organizations or individuals who do not receive any funding, there is a small fund to provide fellowships. Applicants need to apply for this.

Please write to us immediately if you are interested in this course and we will send you application forms and more details. 

Please send responses to Anoop Kumar at 

In case you know of any other organization that may find the course useful, do forward the letter to them and copy it to us.

Once we hear from you, we will send you details of how to reach the venue both by train as well as by bus.

Awaiting your early confirmation.

With warm wishes,

Kamla Bhasin and Abha Bhaiya 

Contact Person:


Tel: (91-9816579397, 9817403824, 01892-234974)