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Apply Now for Two Week Feminist Capacity Building Course in Tamil!

 Call Letter – 2019/20

A Feminist Capacity Building Course on Gender, Sustainable Livelihoods, Human Rights and Peace

Organised by SANGAT, EKTA & SURIYA

19th February 2020 – 1st March 2020

Sangat has been organizing a ten days feminist capacity building course in Tamil for the past 9 years in collaboration with EKTA. – Madurai. This Course aims at building a network and movement of Tamil speaking feminist activists in South Asia. Further it aims to build the capacity of human rights defenders on gender justice and sustainable development.

The development scenario is rapidly changing especially with regard to gender issues. In view of this, there is a greater need among women’s rights activists and development practitioners to strengthen their conceptual clarity and help apply critical feminist analysis, feminist methodologies in movement building, political activism, and formulation of policies and programmes to achieve the goal of gender justice & equality.


  • To create a pool of feminist activists committed to working on gender, justice, poverty, sustainable development, peace, democracy and human rights for all.
  • To facilitate dialogue and sharing of experiences amongst women development practitioners, trainers and media women, women’s studies lecturers , activists etc.
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to enhance their understanding, awareness and sensitivity to a range of issues related to gender, peace, development, justice and human rights.
  • To share information and build a feminist perspective on ongoing processes of liberalization, globalization, identity politics, conflict transformation and peace building.
  • To help participants increase their self awareness and self confidence and enhance their analytical, communication and training capacities.
  • To strengthen networking and co-operation for advocacy and action for sustainable development, gender equality, human rights, peace and holistic health in India and neighboring countries.
  • To strengthen women’s perspectives and movements.


  • A maximum of 30 women participants will be selected to participate in this course.
  • The applicant must have minimum five years work experience in a development organization, people’s movement/ other people’s organizations
  • Women committed to women’s empowerment, human rights, sustainable livelihoods, holistic health, peace, democracy and secularism.
  • Women working in development programmes run by NGOs, government departments and UN agencies etc.
  • Women scholars/researchers involved in action-research on gender, development, mental and emotional health, peace etc.
  • Women facilitating capacity building processes/programmes on feminism, gender, peace, development, rights etc.


The course will be a 12 day residential one. The proposed dates are from 19th Feb-1st Mar 2020. The participants can come on the 18th and leave on 02nd. The venue will be a comfortable training centre in Madurai. The working language of the course will be Tamil. Therefore a good knowledge of written and spoken Tamil is necessary.

The course will cover the following subjects although the exact topics will be decided on the basis of the needs and interest of the participants and through discussions with the resource persons.

  • Conceptual Clarity on Gender and Patriarchy, and the links to other Social Systems; Gender Power relations and inter-sectionality
  • Femininities, Masculinities on Gender Equality
  • Feminisms; understanding Feminisms,
    • Histories of key feminist struggles and important fore-mothers.
    • Feminist methodologies/work/institutions – some examples

(focusing on feminist responses to militarization/war, seeking justice and PEACE)

  • Violence Against Women and feminist responses.
    • Violence Against women & girls, trans*.
    • Militarization, war fundamentalism
  • Sexual and reproductive health rights of women and girls
  • Women’s informal and care economies
    • Women’s labour rights
  • Gender and sustainable development and Politics of development
  • Women’s Leadership and Political Activism

The methodology of the course will be participatory and experiential.

The course will also provide opportunities for participants to acquire and develop training skills, through ‘learning by doing’. Participants will be involved in deciding the daily schedules, planning and coordinating specific sessions, making presentations on issues, preparing learning materials and documenting the sessions. Attempts will be made to minimize the formal divisions between ‘organizers’ and ‘participants’. The emphasis will be on group discussions and case presentations.

Relevant reading materials will be identified and provided and films on specific issues will be screened as part of the sessions.

In order to make the process more lively and effective songs, dance, music, plays, posters and films will be used throughout the course.

We will also make an effort to organize visits to local NGOs/women’s organizations and encourage participation in public events.


Resource persons will be knowledgeable feminist activists/scholars, committed to supporting processes of women’s empowerment and solidarity.

Participants or their organizations are expected to pay for their travel (Airfare, Visa Costs & Local travels)

Participants are encouraged to contribute to cover partial costs of food and lodging (Indian Rupees. 6,000/-).

Please note no fees are charged for the course.


Applications/nominations should be accompanied by the nomination form by email or post on or before
Application form with personal information

A motivation letter (Number 08 in the Tamil Application Form)

For India participants: Applications/nominations should be emailed to the Coordinator at and by 15th December 2019.

For Sri Lanka Participants: Applications/nominations should be emailed to the Coordinator at by 15th December 2019.

Please ensure that you have a passport that is valid for at least one year before you apply for this course.

All selected candidates are requested to purchase health insurance from their own countries prior to their arrival, as well as pay for any medical costs incurred in India.


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