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Inviting Submissions for Sangat Scripts!

As we were preparing for the 24th Month Long Course, we realized that we have come a long way together on our journey towards a feminist South Asia. In this journey, we remember all of you fondly, and feel extremely overwhelmed every time we hear about how our alums carry the spirit of the course...

July 12, 2019July 12, 2019by

Apply Now for 13th Two Week Feminist Capacity Building Course in Bangla!

Applications are now open for the 13th Two Week Feminist Capacity Building Course on Gender, Human Rights, and Peace organised by Sangat Bangladesh, Pragroshor & Swayam. This two-week residential course is designed to offer participants clarity on and a greater understanding of concepts related to gender, justice, poverty, sustainable development, peace, democracy, and human rights. It also...

June 17, 2019June 17, 2019by

Who is the Guru, Who the Disciple?

Most of the students in the course were men and they were all much younger than her. Not only were all the other students Hindu, they were upper caste Hindu. Meena was the lone Muslim and the authorities were quite surprised that she had come for this course.

June 6, 2019June 6, 2019by

One Billion Rising Delhi 2015-2016 Video

last year, one billion people from around India and the world rose to demand justice for women and an end to gender based violence as part of the first ever...

December 1, 2018December 1, 2018by

PRESS RELEASE : 5th February 2015

Over the last three years from 2012 we have steadily scaled up the One Billion Rising Campaign to encompass women and men across 19 states and all eight South Asian countries, Kamla Bhasin, South Asian Coordinator, OBR...

November 29, 2018January 29, 2019by