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Cultural Events

Art based activism is one of the pillars of Sangat’s work. We have found that music, dance, comedy and other art-based mediums can be transformatory when they carry messages of social justice. Our cultural programmes have been noteworthy in their effectiveness in engaging persons across gender, caste, class and other categories on issues of feminism and social justice. They draw people into conversation and encourage deeper engagement with these issues.

Here are glimpses of some events held recently:

Sufi singer Shabnam Virmani and Baul singer Parvathy Baul mesmerized the audience with their beautiful renditions of the poetry of Kabir and Lalon Fakir. Their performance invoked the power of love to challenge hatred in society. Sangat organised their performance for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

OBR Day:

Since 2013, every year, over 40 organisations working on gender justice in Delhi, gather in Central Park, Connaught Place on a Sunday around 14 February to mark OBR Day. On this day, partners of the One Billion Rising global campaign rise together to end violence against women and girls. The day-long event includes theatre, music, dance, poetry, stand- up comedy, speeches and other performances. This annual event draws thousands of people as the audience.

Days of Solidarity

International Days of Solidarity provide us with the opportunity to recognize the connection between our work and the efforts by activists around the world to build a just and equitable society. Days like International Women’s Day, South Asian Women’s Day bring us together and inspire us to continue our struggles.

SAWD 2018

Feminist activists throughout the South Asian region mark South Asian Women’s Day to celebrate the solidarity between the peoples of the countries in the region and those who dedicated their lives to peace, justice and human rights in the region. In Delhi, Sangat marks the day with a cultural event. In 2018, we celebrated the decriminilisation of homosexuality, solidarity with the #MeToo movement and cross-border friendships through an event held in collaboration with
OBR Delhi partners.