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Inviting Submissions for Sangat Scripts!

As we were preparing for the 24th Month Long Course, we realized that we have come a long way together on our journey towards a feminist South Asia. In this journey, we remember all of you fondly, and feel extremely overwhelmed every time we hear about how our alums carry the spirit of the course within them and infuse it in everything they do.

Recently, an alum from Pakistan wrote to us and shared that the course gave her the confidence to win against all resistance and become the first woman political leader from FATA in Pakistan. It made us think of all the others who might have similar stories to share. Hence, we felt that a platform must be created so that we could share our stories not only among ourselves but also with the world.

With this idea in mind we have planned to start a series of writings called the Sangat Scripts. As part of this, we would like to feature writing by our alums on our website and various social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). We plan to feature one piece a week, starting from the month of August. We will also try and feature some of the write-ups in other feminist online media platforms.

The write- ups could be on a range of issues, from your experiences of incorporating feminist principles into your personal lives and work spaces to forging South Asian feminist solidarity. The write ups can be in the form of articles, essays, personal narratives or poems. Please keep your write up within a word limit of 1000 words.

Although we would love to publish these pieces in several languages, at the moment we only have the wherewithal to publish in English. Hence we would like to request you to send your write-ups in English.

Please send in your write-ups by 25 July, 2019.

At a time when the world is witnessing much violence, hate, conflict and fundamentalism, it has become more necessary than ever to share stories of forging love and feminist solidarities. It is this network and collectivization from which we draw our strength from.

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